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Jun. 4th, 2006


Sick Again!!

I am sick yet again. AGAIN!! For the third time this year!! And none of them have been the plague! If you're not going to get sick with the plague then why bother getting sick. I have also decided that being sick is a good opportunity to chronicle all my ills and misfortunes, etc.

Things That Annoy Liz, Make Her Sad or Just Plain Suck

Having been reminded of Kodiak's (dog) death twice this weak.
Thinking too much about my old home being sold and lived in by someone else.
Stupid co-workers!!
Stupid waking up early!!
Stupid not being supervised when I need supervision!!
It was the last weekend of GARF. I was not there. Enough said.
The convienance store where I was going to buy juice and medicine closed early.
My room is still messy.
I don't get to see my friends nearly enough.
Did I mention being sick again.
I'm not in Egypt.
Sitting by annoying people on the subway who ALWAYS then get off with me at my stop.
I miss my family.
I killed Bill, Brett, Ishmael, Phil and Fhil (years ago but still...)
Stupid Weather Channel not showing the local forecast for 2 days!! Its probably the cable company's fault.
I hate being untrustworthy in RPing games and always dropping out.
I feel stupid.

Now I'm going to lay on my bed and feel miserable. *plays funeral dirge* or maybe *jaws theme* just for the heck of it. *also puts on pirate hat and seats a little white monkey beanie on head*

Jun. 2nd, 2006


Its All About the Hat

As Jess has said before, so I will say again "Its all about the hat!" I would like to take a moment to talk about my great hats. First my beautiful brown hat and my splotched green bumbling scholars cap. *le sigh* And then my collection of old felt and straw hats including the hat Maid Marian would have worn if she and Robin Hood had lived in the 1920's and the mock pith helmet that and English lady who didn't know how to dress would have worn into the depths of the Congo. Oh, I can't forget my pirate cap *runs off to put it on* YAY! And my collection of stick felt winter hats and my goofy archaeology hat that people are embarrased to be around me in and of course my ultra cool safari hat that's really my dad's that he hasn't given up yet. I guess I should also include my NPS work hats because they're cool too...even the Smokey the Bear hat. And now that I've seriously digressed.

This post is about the day after Jess's wedding. I had helped Jess pick out her outfits for the weekend and I think she wore just the right garbCollapse ) for the day after!! I love her garb!! And she knows how to pull it all together so well!! I had laced myself into my bodice that morning and wondered how I was going to ever survive the day, but that feeling of despair passed as I realized I could breath somewhat and got used to the blistering heat. BECAUSE I remembered my sunscreen!! Go me. And I totally didn't get sunburned AT ALL. But I did get a turkey legCollapse ). Hee! I think I'm going to just outline the rest of the days events though.

The Pleasures of Ren Ratting

PenguinsCollapse ) which I've been told don't really exist at the Lost Boys show. And no one will be able to see them anymore after I....um. Lets just say I've invited the penguins to hang out with Michael's chicken up here in DC!! *weg*

An awesome harpist/recorder playerCollapse ) that I spent the first part of my morning listening to.

Flirting with the CardinalCollapse ). I told him I couldn't resist the chance to introduce myself to such a handsome and powerful man of the cloth. I wouldn't have done something like this two seasons ago. I also had some of the Cardinal's nuts....

Eating with Jess, Tommy and Andrew at the Peacock Tearoom.

Seeing the Washing Well WenchesCollapse ).

Attending a FREE lecture (I was the only taker too! Go figure> by Loquacia VerbatimCollapse ) on LITERACY (so that we can read the signs to the priveys) MARRAIGE (so that Loquacia can marry an incredibly rich man or a musketeer and thus make Dartanian jealous so that he will want to marry her) and MONEY (because with a large dowry Dartanian will want to marry Loquacia). Someone tell her that I remembered her lectures and I will record them in my new account book as any good scholar/chronicler would do.

Taking a goofyCollapse ) picture of myself as the Mona Lisa in honor of having seen the DaVinci Code recently. It also makes me want to watch Voyager. Go figure.

I also made sure to attend another protest sing at the Brewer's Pub during which time the parade came by and we all yelled "Kill the King!" (I got a video of that) By the end of the protest sing I had donated enough money to have the king kicked in my honor! SO. MUCH. FUN.

Heh. Went to a Lost Boys show with Jess, Sarah and Kat. We screamed, cheered, oggled and gushed. And then we tucked money in our cleavage and let Aaron the Moor come and get it! Only... well. I'll leave the only for Jess to tell in her journal since it involves a slightly funny, possibly not good event involving Angus and her sister. I was very proud of myself! I think the percentage of "wench" in me totally climbed to above 35 % this weekend. Me and JessCollapse )

I spent my last hour shopping - buying myself a tapestry of a scene with a boat from the Bayeux Tapestry, a new rose for my mom, token Faire gifts for my normal roomies (I'm trying to brainwash them but their incredibly resistant. They WILL BE assimilated), and a little three headed dragon hatchling statue for myself.

Jess, Tommy and Andrew drove me to the airport around 5:30. I was dirty, sweaty, tired and overheated but I got to show offCollapse ) my bloomers in the parking lot of the Faire though! They had to drop me off at the airport cause we weren't sure what security's reaction would be to their garb!! I caught an early flight, got home early and .... my trip was ended. But at least I have some good pictures of my hat.

(The events of Sunday, May 28)

May. 31st, 2006


So Dark the Moon

So... there's this beautiful crescent moon shining tonight out over the neighboring apartment buidlings. Or at least it was beautiful and shining until it started to turn red. And not only that but its been getting increasingly red for the last half hour!! Every time I look out the window its gone even darker! Is this the start of the apocalypse? A martian invasion? A huge scheme to get more people to buy Coke?

Agh! Its gone rust red!! And from there its only a short step to blood red!! *runs for the garlic and is glad she doesn't live in Transylvania County like Murray used to*

Purity Test

Your Renaissance Purity Test Results
You answered "yes" to 77 of 152 questions, making you 49.3% FaireFolk pure (50.7% FaireFolk corrupt).
According to the scoring guide, your renaissance experience level is: A Turkey with Dressing

HAAAA!!!! My purity level has gone down and I am now slightly more corrupt than I am pure!! Thank gosh for this last weekend.

The Bridesmaid's Boogie

Onto the wedding itself. First of all I don't actually have any pics of the ceremony because I was in the ceremony. But Jess will let us know when the wedding photographer has the official pics up online. We woke up around 8 Saturday morning and I stole downstairs to sneak breakfast upstairs for the bride, while her sister Sarah came up to help Jess with her makeupCollapse ). Then when we were ready we snuck downstairs, trying to avaoid the groom and I pretended I was a secret agent and used words like "We're clear." It was fun! Until... I realized I didn't have my ticket and set us back ten minutes. However that was the worst that happened that morning. Jess, Sarah and Kat had their hair braided but they wanted me to COMB MY HAIR OUT COMPLETELY in order to get my hair braided so I declined and braided my own hair. Personally I was a little miffed that the professional hair braiders couldn't braid curly hair or that they didn't know how to do simple braids. Anywho. Us girl's had a trailer behind the wedding garden and here's Jess before the weddingCollapse ).

The ceremony was very beautiful. Family and friends were there and a lot of friends of Jess and Tommy's who were performers in the Faire as well. I walked in on the arm of the best man Andrew (who was pretty nice) and stood behind Jess during the ceremony wishing that the wind would settle a little and not blow her veil everywhere. There was also a bee that almost annoyed me by buzzing around my bouquet. Also. I didn't not lose Tommy's ring which was tied to my dress. I also managed to untie it easily and didn't drop it when handing it over to the minister. The vows were amazing. JEss and Tommy wrote the entire ceremony and their were many lines that went "Will you cause him anger?" and then "Is that your intent?" I want to steal them so I can model my vows after them. Then!! It was time for the bridesmaid's boogie. See Kat and I had deviously conspired the evening before to celebrate the wedding while onstage by doing a fun little boogie. So we got Sarah on board and as soon as the ceremony was officially over and the bride and groom were off the stage KAt nodded, we did a little boogie and the audience burst out laughing. Then I put on a serious demeanor, took the best man's arm and walked off the stage. Jess didn't quite know what happened until later that night when I confessed. Anywho. HEre's a recreation of the boogieCollapse ) that Kat and I did the next day. HereCollapse ) is Jess at the reception with David who came down from Ashville. I showed David around the Faire after the reception and told him everything he needed to know to survive the Faire. HereCollapse ) is me and David at the pub. I spent most of my time at the reception making sure people knew to sign the guest register I brought. Its a photo album that people could leave messages in and then I'm going to add pictures and other momentos I picked up. I also followed Jess around holding her train and making sure she was hydrated as she greeted all her guests.

After the reception I bolted out into the Faire and watched the Lost Boys and Dexter Tripp and soaked in the feel of the Faire. I was estatic. Around 2 David and wondered down to the pub and Joni Minstrel, whom I had not heard the last time I was at GARF was onstage and singing "The Trees Grow High" which is one of my favorite songs but one I don't hear performed very often. Jess and Tommy were in the procession to the joust and as they rolled by the Brewer's Pub, where we were stationed, Jess tossed her bouquetCollapse ). To tell the truth I could have defintely caught the bouquet (it almost hit me in the face) but I was too busy chronicling the event! Just like me huh? I also caught up with the newly wed couple after the joustCollapse ). We all eventually made our way back to the pub for Joni Minstrel's 4 o'clock show where she had a special surprise for Jess and Tommy. Joni (or Lindsey in real life) and Dolph from 3 Quarter Ale had written a special song for the couple and performed it for them as a gift. It was beautiful!! So beautiful. Then they began the sangeet, an Indian custom where traditional marriage songs are performed. Joni did a song about courting and changed the maiden's "golden locks" into "red-gold locks". Then there was a belly danceCollapse ) and other entertainment. Later at the pubsing the Lost Boys gave Jess and Tommy and advanced copy of their newest song "Scoundrels" - wrapped in teal of course! Then they did the garter tossCollapse ) and a Jedi Knight caught the garter!!! Hee!!

We stayed at the Faire until AFTER closing and got kicked out by some police men. *bites thumb in their direction* Back at the hotel we played musical rooms and switched our bags around until everyone was resettled in. Then Jess and Tommy finally made an appearance. The Bridal Party got back together and we had pizza for dinner and hung around the room we bridesmaids and bride had been in the night before. I think everyone else went swimming after that but I was exhausted. David deserted us for part of the evening to go to the Invasion Dinner. For someone at his first Renn Faire he sure got around! *wink* And thus ends the Wedding Day or The Bridesmaid's Boogie.

May. 30th, 2006


Liz's New Bottle

So. This was a long trip, and a tiring one but fun and happy as well. I'm going to divide it into three parts: Pre-Wedding (or Liz's New Bottle), the Wedding (or the Bridesmaid's Boogie) and Post-Wedding (or Its All About the Hat). So let's begin with Liz's New Bottle.

Liz's New Bottle

So I arrived Wednesday afternoon and Tommy picked me up with a wonderful cardboard sign that said Lizard (Lizz-Arhd in pirate speak). Then we went and sat with Jess at work. I was very pleased to be able to see where Jess was working. Ticket sales are fun!! Especially when Jess answered the phone in a British accent. Jess and Tommy took me to the Diner which was ultra-fabulous and then I got to see Jess's apartment. Which she is moving out of but I was really glad to have seen it since she talked so much about it and the area that she lived in. Both Jess's car and Jess's apartment were without air conditioning and it was hot but we were mostly comfortable altough it had been cool in DC so I had a little hard time adjusting. Tommy finally left in the evening and Jess and I rushed to show each other our dresses as soon as he left and then we talked and got caught up. The next day Jess and I did apartment cleaning stuff and went shopping. Which. Is where the bottle comes in. We went to this awesome grocery store and were looking at vinegar bottles and I was trying to replicate this cool bottle Timmy bought Jess from the Faire and then I saw my bottle. A dark olive green bottle of basalmic vinegar with a cork. 10$. We also picked up Sage Darby cheese, blueberries and another type of cheese for lunchCollapse ). We also picked up party supplies and Jess's garter.

Jess's family arrived later in the day and us girl's took off for Jess's Bridal ShowerCollapse ). Which was a little difficult to arrange from DC and small but very fun. Especially after the spontaneous Mariachi BandCollapse ) showed up and played three songs for us including La Cucaracha and the Wedding March/Funeral Dirge. Jess got lots of cool stuff including a castle shaped cake pan, candle sticks and candles (from me) towels, Pirates of the Carribean M&Ms and tons of other cool stuff that I can't remember. Jess's sister Sarah came up with some games and we played bridal bingo while Jess opened her gifts. I totally cheated and added wrapping paper, towels, more towels and bows and ribbons to my bingo sheet. She also brough the most awesome white ball cap that said "Bride" on it. Jess wore it for the next two days!! It was awesome. Friday we had to get ready to move down to the Invasion Hotel near the Faire and then actually get down there. Jess and I had an awesome time singing Lost Boy songs on the way down. We (the bride and bridemaid's Sarah, me and Kat)got manicure'sCollapse ) and pedicure'sCollapse ). Then we went to the rehearsalCollapse ) at Faire after hours!!! The minister was really funny and it was cool seeing the faire deserted. Then the rehearsal dinnerCollapse ).

To end the day Jess, Kat (one of the bridesmaids) and I stayed up really late. I think Jess was a little nervous and I was just being my regular night owl self. Anywho. KAt and I shouldn't have been introduced because we are evil together. We did mud masksCollapse ) and Jess threatened to kill KAt because KAt got an annoying song stuck in her head. We sang "warrior" though and finally fell to sleep.

Thus ends the pre-wedding portion and Liz's New Bottle.

May. 29th, 2006


Sooooo Tired

I'm so tired. And I just keep getting more tired. I might have to go to bed before 1030 tonight!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Somebody help me. I need to go drink more liquids. I think I'm dehydrated. And its making me crabby and unsociable. I need to go to bed. My Renn Faire/Jess's Wedding post must wait yet another day.

Still not King.

Switching Roles

I think its amusing how many sci-fi show icons are switching roles. I mean... Mitch Pileggi, Claudia Black, Ben Browder, Conner Trineer and, umm.... what's her name that played T'Pol, have all showed up on Stargate! I won't even go into cast switches on other shows. Its kinda amusing.

Such is the Way

Jess is married. Liz is tired. Visit the link below for wedding day photos (but not of the actual ceremony because I was kinda on the stage during the ceremony...) More of the day after and Faire in general later.


May. 26th, 2006


Waking Up

Jess makes me wake up at 10AM every morning!!

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